Is the digitech hardwire TL-2 metal distortion a good pedal.. does anyone on here have one.. if so what do yeh think of it??? i'm looking at getting one..

If yeh can think of a better metal distortion pedal with exellent gain for lamb of god/nickelback/rammstein ect ect.. bands like that.. recommend me one..

NOTE: I do own a line6 spider III 75 watt.. at this moment i will not be upgrading.. i don't care how much you think it sucks or how you think it won't sound good with a pedal. i don't care. I have a friend who bought a distortion pedal and played it through his line 6 75 wattt and it sounded perfectly find...


If you want a pedal to use for heavy sounds, the tl2 is a good choice.
However, I strongly suggest you look into a new amp after you buy the pedal.
Also, how developed is your ear? Have you ever played a tube amp?

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yeah man by what i said above.. at the moment i wo'nt be buyin an amp.. i just don't ahve the money.lol.. prolly gunna end up getting a randall RG g3 30plus tube amp.. somthing like that..
I have the TL-2 and I can get Billy Talent and Avenged Sevenfold tones out of it easyly. And other metal tones such as BFMV and KSE. But I have yet to find a good thrash/metallica tone with it.

So if you play newer metal you shouldn't be dissappointed.
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yeah i mostly play lamb of god/slipknot/avenged sevenfold.. nickelback.. stuff like that

Yes, the TL-2 will be fine.
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