i have guitar pro 5 and i want to add drums to some songs i made. so i googled how to do it and it says simply click; view > percussion. however, the percussion symbol on my guitar pro is grey and wont let me click. it works for the guitar and keyboard view, why wont it work for percussion?

any help is appreciated

Click on "Track" > "Add" > it should then give you the option what to put on >> choose percussion then just press okay.
You need to add a new track. You can choose between 'instrument' and 'percussion'. You should obviously choose the latter.
You have to be in a percussion track to view that. Click Track, then Add, select the percussion and then OK. Writing out drums is a pain in the butt though on GP
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Naaaah, it's not a pain in the ass, you just have to get used to it. Been composing in GP5 for quite some time now, and it's a piece of cake now.