Everyone hates on them, but are they actually that bad, for like a £400 guiter thats got the specs you want other than the bridge, is it that bad? What's wrong with it?
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Edge III Pro's are not bad..

Yeah, I'm guessing the "higher end" ones are better, but what about your bog standard edge III trem? What's so bad about them?
It's not "bad", but the Lo-TRS and even the original Edge was a lot better..it's stabler, less wonky.
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I went to my local store and checked what they had, it was an Ibanez with digital camo (nto the army colors, the Call of duty 4 digital if you get me) and although the guitar looked like it was made out of plastic, the trem was alright/stable, and I'm sure it was an Edge III. Although that was a while ago, and now I'm better at guitar, I could probably tlel the difference, but I dunno..
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getting fed up of saying this.........there`s nothing wrong with them

except for the lower quality/softer knife edges that wear out faster....
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I think other than lower durability metals. If it's set up it should be fine.
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It's not the worst bridge by far, I think a $50 eBay trem is worse. They just wear out faster than they should. Otherwise if you set it up right it's very smooth and nice to use (while it lasts)
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I owned an RG4EX1 for a while with an EDGE III on it. While its not horrible, its nothing compared to the edge Pro thats on my Prestige. But I'd say its better than the Lo Trs II thats on my late 90's RG470. I had mild problems with it. I'd say i'd have to tune it every other day or so, or it started to become noticeable. It always seemed the G string was the worst. I'd give it a 7 out or 10. In my experience anyway.
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The good thing about an Edge three is that an OFR can fit in its place
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The main problem I've heard about the Edge IIIs is that if you use them often, they will wear out within a year. I can't confirm this personally, but I've heard it a lot.
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The good thing about an Edge three is that an OFR can fit in its place

I'll also add that someone on here (i can't remember who) bought an Ibanez with an Edge Pro that someone threw into an edge 3 routing with no modifications.
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Then why did you spend the time and money to replace yours with an OFR?

Because I wanted that guitar to have the BEST parts in their class, and their is no better bridge than the OFR (supposedly). Now I know I like the low-pro edge better than the OFR. Still the OFR is my second favorite locking trem system
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Edge III Pro's are not bad..
And what exactly is an "Edge III Pro"?

Whether EIII is bad depends entirely on your definition of bad. If you must have the best parts, then they're bad. There are countless examples of OFR and Edge bridges working like new after twenty years and some, after the neck is ground out of shape and frets are worn to nil. No EIII is gonna take that much use.

Will it give you a couple years of gentle use? Yeah, sure. Is there a chance that one day you'll pull on the bar and snap your mystery metal base plate in two? Most certainly. Will it last longer if you take a few minutes every day to level it and tune it up? Probably. Will your saddle bolts strip and become useless if you overtorque them even a pinch? Yes, they probably will. If none of that matters to you, then EIII will probably do you fine.
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