I've never used tracking numbers before, but I ordered something from musiciansfriend.com and they gave me one, and it is too short for UPS and for FEDEX. It's only 6 numbers long.. Any help?
call them up, best advice i can offer. did they send it in an email?

if they give you no help, call UPS or FEDEX.
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Hmm, my first thought was that you had mistaken Musicians Friend for some gay male escort service, and ordered a man to please you, if this were the case odds are that the "tracking number" you were given is in fact a cellular telephone number of a gay male. But its still too short, so its a mystery to me.

Call musiciansfriend?
Goodness gracious me!
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Could be USPS (or Canada's postal service, but yeah idk)

ask Musician's friend, they'll answer
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