Long time ago someone had made a post asking where they could buy some ultra thin decal printing paper. I have searched and looked but I haven't found it. I would like to print my own custom decals does anyone know what I talking about?

I want to make this into a decal to put on the back of my headstock.

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So with that lefty strat, you are making a Hendrix tribute guitar? Decent idea, much more original than Van Halen guitars. I like it.
I can't remember where I got mine. I Googled decal paper, to see if anything looked familiar. Still don't remember, but there are many listings. It appears Office Depot and Office Max may carry it in stores. There are specialized listings too.
That is awesome. Hendrix rules. Chokmool has the right idea. At office depot/max they have everything, also a really good paper cutter, so you can make decals very thin.
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I'm looking for a box of decal paper that said ultra thin decal printing paper on the box. I don't remember the brand name (chokmool) Did you print you own decal? How did it turn out?
I scanned some roaches(big ones), Photoshopped them a bit, and printed sheets of roach decals. Then sprayed them with 3 coats of Krylon Crystal Clear, cut them apart, and put them all over a Squire Strat. I thought it was appropriate . About 4 coats of lacquer to finish. I'll try to put up a pic if you're interested.

It works pretty well. One thing to keep in mind, is that printers(that I know of)don't print white. If there is white in your design, you'll need to print on white decal paper. Also remember, because they are so thin, they are translucent. If you're putting them on a light color, no big deal, but on dark colors, printing on white will usually help.