I have a Dean Vendetta, and the 17th fret is dead. On every string, the note will not ring. Even when i fret hard it will not come out, same thing happens when i bend on every string. Anyone know how to fix this???
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If it's just that fret then i suspect the fret is worn out. you'll need to refret the guitar. im sure theres some guides out there if you're feeling like a know-how. btw, i'd get the entire guitar refretted, if one of them is worn out that means the rest of them propably arent in top shape either.

alternatively, your neck could be warped, but it's hard to say without looking at it
I'm sure there are books on how to do this, but I highly suggest not to. Bring it to a guitar shop and let them take care of it. That way if they screw up, you can return it and make them redo it. If you screw up your screwed.
Also mind you that refretting will cost more than the guitar in this case. You could get the frets readjusted - but even that doesn´t seem worth it unless you have a strong connection to that guitar.
Several possibilities. One the neck requires a truss rod adjustment or two the frets may not be level or one has lifted (past the 17th). I would take to a tech as it's obvious this is beyond your knowledge level at this time. Adjustments are fairly easy and if you have a lifted fret it can be reseated or replaced if the tangs don't hold it in anymore. As for recrowning frets, if you've got lots of fret left it can be done by a good tech for far less than a refret.
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