So I know a cheap alternative to expensive acoustic foam are those matress toppers that you can buy for 5-10 bucks at walmart but what about memory foam? I ask because I have a kingsize 2" thick memory foam matress (the kind where you put a handprint in and it stays for a little bit) that my girlfriend's dog decidied to take a huge leak on. It is much denser than the cheap foam matress toppers so would that be better or worse? It would be going in the garage by my drummer's set or my halfy. cheers
I'm not an expert but I'm thinking it'll still absorb sound. The question is will it be better or worse than less dense foam?
There's actually a mathematical way to figure out the exact thickness you need and how far away from the sound source it needs to be, but I did not do very well on that part of my Audio Arts exams, so I can't really help you. Just something to keep in mind.
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alright cool. I already have a couple cheapy matress topper up in the garage and they made a world of difference. Hopefuly this will help with the acoustics even more.

Also for anyone looking to do this, you can get the cheap ones at most bargain outlets for about $5. I bought 5 of them and then cut them into 4 squares each. Improves the quality of your practice space/studio a lot for a very small price