I've seen a Jackson PS4 in a local Guitar shop, it was for £235 (about $365) but I spotted a chip in Tremolo arm hole (Don't know the actual name for it, if it exists) so I managed to get to it £200 (about $320)

Is it worth it?
I've read a few reviews on UG, it seems to be a nice guitar, I've read alot about rubbish pickups in it, but I've not really found many videos of people playing it.

This is my second guitar, I've been playing on a Fender Starcaster for about Six months, which has done me well and I love, but isn't satisfying my Metal needs.

I would be playing mainly Metallica, SOAD, Maiden and maybe some heavier, darker sounding metal.

Anyone got any advice on the guitar or any similar, better alternatives within the same kind of price range?
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Also, I forgot to mention, I have a 10w fender amp, I plan to upgrade to a something around the £200+ range, but that might take another four months to get.
Would the Jackson be completely wasted on the amp untill I get a new one?

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