Hey, everyone. I'm looking to buy an American Standard Stratocaster and I've found a bunch of offers. I've found Strats from 2008, 2007, 2001, 2003, 1984, etc. Just curious if anyone has any opinions on what they believe the best years for Strats is/was. Thanks.
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out of the options you've given, 1984 or 2001 depending on your taste.
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1954, or any thing pre cbs, which was 1965...
I also like the 1962, even the ameriacan vintage isn't bad, but the original isn't just the sex... the sex is the original
i don't know what is best out of the models listed though...
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80s japanese strats arent that bad

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I can't help much, but I have a 2007 american strat, and it freaking rips! I love it.
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1954-1965: Highly Collectible, very very expensive
1965-1970ish: Still collectible, very expensive
1970ish-1984: Quality suffers, people stop giving a ****, but still pretty expensive. Look for 80's japanese ones.
1985-present day: Used. More or less affordable.
I have a 09' used strat and its awesome
But the vintage (50's and 60's) will always be the best
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