After going to Guitar Center At Least twice a month for a year, 5 workers their told me that i couldn't play rock and roll while i was checking out the pedals and amps and playing metallica stuff. but for the past year that i've been their, i've seen a bunch of other guys play heavy rock and metal. Is that actually a rule, or are they being racist since i'm asian. is that only a rule at the guitar center i go to (the one on steven creeks blvd in san jose, the one in the middle of all the car dealers) or do they have the rule at all guitar centers. some one plz help me out so i dont almost get kicked out the next time i go to GC
Yeah, just stick to classical music and high SAT scores.
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Racists, I say!!!
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You have GOT to learn to spell, Asian kid.
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not hated
i'm asian, i check out the guitars and amps, and i've never been asked to leave.
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You have GOT to learn to spell, Asian kid.

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I've never heard of that rule ever being used. I think they're just screwing with you because they can. Most likely has nothing to do with race.
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Well, I smell a spam thread. But in case you are serious, the workers are just being douchebags. Play whatever the f*ck you want, sure some stuff is looked down upon, but playing rock and roll in general is fine.
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no that's not a rule. if you can't play heavy metal or rock and roll with a guitar, why the hell would you play it at all.