so as everyone knows august is one of the most awesome months of the year, right? oh, yes! i was born on august; to celebrate the awesomeness of the month, we're running a newbie competition!

here's how it works:

- 9-12 can sign up (maybe more depending on how fast the spots go).
- Due date will be set once enough people have signed up.
- To sign up just leave a post in this thread saying "im in" (or something like that).
- The piece

To qualify for this competition you must have a join date of any time after APRIL 1st, 2009 OR a first thread in S&L after April 1, 2009 -- No exceptions!

If you fail to submit your piece on time, you will be deducted 1 point.
Point distribution:
1st place - 3pts
2nd place - 2pts
3nd place - 1pt

More info:
1) you can write (almost) anything you wish, yay! songs, poems, a bunch of "deep" one-liners no one understands thrown together, whatever. just try to keep it short. prose isn't allowed either.

2) it doesn't have to rhyme, but it can if you want.

3) When you have your piece done PM it to me. To Private Message (PM) you click on my name, go to where it says "send message" on the left side of my profile, then send me your piece. Please put the title in the message, and use the title "Newbie Comp" for the subject

4) Once polls are up, vote in all other pairings that your piece is not in. You MUST NOT vote for your own piece or we will begin by removing fingers and toes and go from there.

get started peeps!

1) gods chariot*
2) mattteen
3) mutmoo*
4) irnmadn88
5) garvincandance*
6) AJKane*
7) tadashi
8) SubwayToVenus*
9) Fiire*
10) fightnscream42*
11) plowback*

* = i have your piece
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Ill do it, this will put pressure on me to hopefully write something good.
I'm in IF my suggestion goes through (I want to get my name in early before it fills up, just in case)
mutmoo: i posted your suggestion in the feedback thread, but no one answered. however, i've talked to zanascross before about it so i'm guessing there'll be no problem. you're in.
Can I be in? I never did a competition before but have posted a few things in S&L.
I have reason to write something for August... And no, my birthday is not in August... can I play?
so the requirements for joining this changed a bit, guys.

shutout: your first thread in the S&L section dates back to November 2007 and even if the requirements hadn't changed you still have more than six threads in S&L. you're not eligible to take part in this competition, sorry. i suggest you look around for other competitions you may be eligible for.

the rest of ya'll can play.
if i'm not mistaken, i can turn in a song anytime through pm instead of waiting for the due date, correct? thank you in advance.
"take your form
be my fear, be my hope
be the indication
if i'm right or wrong

take your most dreadful form
and let it be known"
he provided assurance
yes yes, you can send your piece now if you want. i've recieved one piece so far. i'll set up the due date once we get six people in. as long as i get your entry before that tis all good.
Sign me up, as well.
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dont worry, tadashi. you won't be deducted one point since you dropped out before the due date.

plowback you're in, got your piece.

these will be up tonight, people. theres still two missing.
Wow, I just now realized that I am eligible to be in this. I'm, guessing it's too late, though..Isn't it?
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
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just because i'm in a good mood. i've recieved 8 or 9 pieces so far, and the limit is 12 contestants, so yeah. send it your pieces before tonight. sign ups are closed now.
Thank you, oh merciful one. :P

Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
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