Well, my roommate finally remembered to find his camera, so I could take these pictures. The first guitar I'm going to show is a 1998 China made Squier Strat I got from a guy at my college for $40 around a month or so ago. I'm not sure what the wood is on it and all that because I'm a wood noob and he got it from a friend. Because of that, I have no idea if the guitar has been tinkered with at all (i.e. if there are any custom humbuckers or whatnot). I also haven't seen very many HH Strats, so this thing is an oddity to me. I use .12 gauge strings on this, as I typically tune down to Drop C or Drop B. I also plan on replacing the pickguard with a pearloid or white pearl one.

And now with my crappy Crate GX-15 (I plan on upgrading to a Peavey Vypyr 30w):
The next is my acoustic. My old church pastor built this baby for me. He used a lot of rosewood. Indian Rosewood, Brazilian rosewood...rosewood rosewood rosewood. Except for the fretboard. That's ebony, if I recall correctly. The pictures hardly do this thing justice. The tone on it is beautiful.

Ok, honestly not sure what the wood is on the back of the back of the fretboard is:

My pastor shamelessy put his name on the guitar. This is on the inside of the body:

The acoustic guitar is really beautiful! Congrats on that.
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Yea, I hope to never sell that thing. I got it about....2 and half years ago? Took him well over a year to make...because he kept on scrapping the guitar for even the smallest imperfections.
The neck on the acoustic looks like it's probably mahogany? I'm no expert, though. Looks amazing and i bet the sound matches the looks.

As for the Squier it's probably made of agathis, cheap basswood or alder, or possibly even plywood (I don't know the quality on the Chinese Squiers from that time period).
It seems you like high action?

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Oh wow, I feel like a noob for not noticing the action. Looking at the guitars, it's pretty high on the acoustic, but pretty low on the electric. I guess I'm fine with both. /shrug