Hey peeps i was wondering if there is some way for guitar center to ship a guitar from their online site to one of their stores (florida) I realize that there would probably be some sort of small fee if this is possible, but im asking because a guitar i'm getting in couple of weeks (B.C. rich bich perfect 10) is probably not in store in any of their florida branches, as their site did not say it is possible to purchase via store as other guitars would have.

basically im asking if i can send a guitar from their site to their shop so i can maybe try it + buy it because i would like to see it in person before buying it, and also because i do not live in the U.S. to ship it anywhere for me to obtain it.

im pretty sure you can go into a store and have them order the guitar for you with no extra charge (or a real small one) as long as they have their guitar in their website/other stores...although im not sure if you can order it to a store and then not buy it

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Yeah you can order from the store. I did that for my amp and they delivered it to my house for free!

Though you do have to pay for it when it is ordered.

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Any order over 200$ is free shipping, my freind, I dont see why you'd need to get it to a store then pick it up...

editomasquesus: Ohh, re-read the first post: yeah, they should let you do that.
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Any order over 200$ is free shipping, my freind, I dont see why you'd need to get it to a store then pick it up...

If he lives in an apartment, it's easier to get it shipped to a store instead of risking it getting stolen.

Keep in mind that it also means you have to pay tax whereas you may not have if you bought it online.
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Thanks, i was just wondering because i do not have a home in the U.S. and will only be there for a week so i needed some place for it to be shipped so why not the actual store?