I have a horrid Peavey 4x12 that sounds like dookie. The speakers get drowned out real easy and I know it's not my head. I've used different cabs and it sounds peachy. So I was wondering if I put some sweet Eminence or Celestions in the cab, if the wood is going to make a huge difference and the cab will still sound ****ty. I figure it'll sound better once I replace the cab, but getting the speakers will should help a bunch...right?
it depends, it may just be the acoustics f the cab that sound like ass.
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yes. peavey generally uses crappy sounding speakers. Much more than the construction of the cab, sound is from speakers. you can have the best cab in the world with **** speakers, and it will still sound like ****. However, ****ty cab+good speakers=good. The cab has much much less effect on tone than the speakers themselves. Peavey cabs are OK. They're not like crappy trash cabs.
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OK maybe I should try to write a sticky or something for the columns cos this comes up a lot.

Speakers have to match cabs. There are three types of cab commonly used as instrument cabs: open cabs, closed boxes and ported or reflex cabs. Each needs a different type of speaker design and one which is made for a different cab will never sound great in the wrong enclosure.

The critical thing for closed cabs is that the volume of the cab is optimised for the speaker in it. For reflex cabs the matching is critical and you have to have the right volume and the port dimensions have to be exact. Open backed speakers generally are not design critical but they must use speakers designed for this use.

The advantage of just changing the speakers is that you retain the finish of a manufactured cab but you need to have speakers that will be happy to work in a cab of that volume. If you let me know what the volume is and a list of possible replacements I'll try to let you know if they will be a good match.
Any pic references? I think it's closed back seeing how the back is closed and all