guys(and gals) i need your help....ive got a job and i have money and i want to upgrade my gear. i already upgraded my guitar(just got my tele a week ago) and now i want to upgrade my other equipment (pedals, amp ect.) this is where i need your help. below is a list of stuff ive researched but i cant figure what to get first..

the list:

  • Digitech Digiverb
  • Boss Overdrive(SD-1 or OD-3)
  • Morley Classic Wah.
  • Tuner Pedal(Chromatic)
  • DigiTech Whammy
  • Digitech Synth Wah(for fun)

Next purchase: Peavey Vypyr 30 Combo Amp
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Before you think about getting new pedals, you want to look into a good amp. And the Spider amps are not they way to go. Check out the Peavey Vyper or the Roland Cube for your amp choice, they are nice amps.

The POD Studio Farm is a nice bit of software, check it out, I love it!
Dude, choose another amp. NOW!! or this won't end well. I'd just play drums instead.
To buy:

Line 6 MM4
Voodoo Lab power
Mesa Boogie Single rectifier
Boss TU-3 Done
Shure SM58 Done

Where do you live?
Are you gigging? (I'm guessing no?)

And I also would like to add that you should focus on money on an amp. No pedals yet.
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Dont cheap out when you get new gear, dont get a spyder, I would say Peavey vyper, with sanpera 2 footswitch. This will will get you all your effects you want and more.
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