So on my profile are two demos, one of me playing a riff with a minor pentatonic shred run at the end and the second a tapped lick in phrygian dominant. Ill admit the tapped lick isnt the best I can do, but still take a listen to those two clips and rate em!
Your playing was good. The riff and the shred we're a little on the generic side, but they we're well done for what they were. The tapping was sloppy but sounded cool.
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Well the tapping was pretty awesome. I didn't find it too sloppy. I like the tone tho. No offense, but I kinda found the riff thing kind boring too. I don't really know your style of playing, but I would recommend less power chords, and more major, minor, diminshed, augmented chords to add a melodic feel.
Take the tapping like and turn it into a sweep.

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Yeahh im not a huge fan of sweeping. I mean i can do it, im not terrible at it, but i dont really like to. I think sweeps are kind of overused nowadays...
I can't play that fast.

Nice guitar tone, but whatever you did for the second half of the pinch harmonic thing was bloody horrid, had no sense of melody whatsoever, I love the sound of those pinch harmonics though, they don't sound that cool through my amp.

The tapping was pretty cool.
Well that second part of the pinch harmonic thing was a shred run, its really not designed to have melody really haha XP