240watts mono, 120watts stereo
4 HH Premier Speakers
4ohms and 16 ohms

It's not in the best of condition aesthetically speaking, needs new castors, handles, tolex and grill cloth, but otherwise it's structually sound and in perfect working order.

I've been using it a while now, no problems at all, It's seen massive amounts of touring, opened many shows and is still going strong (previous owner was the guitarist from Antiproduct). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AntiProduct

I don't have any pictures right now, but can get them if you're absolutely serious about buying it, same goes for trying it out, if you're serious you're more then welcome to pop over and have a bash on it.

£100 ono.

Here's some vids of the angled cab (same cab pretty much).

I also have a brand new EH #1 delay pedal, box and 9volt adapter, £45.