Is this amp any good and can it do metal, jazz, blues, and cleans very well?

My budget is about 1000 - 1200.

I my main genre is metal.
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If you have that much dough, and are willing to spend it on an amp, you'd be better off with some other choices, especially considering the VT is less than half your budget. It's great for the money, and great in general, but for that amount of dough, you can get a used Mesa MKIII, which is an awesome amp.
I like them, I use one with a cab with v30s in it, and run a eq thru the effects loop, but I love the versatility and it has great tone
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The metal is the only thing that is throwing me off. I have a Fender Supersonic tube, great great amp. Has that deep and rich Fender clean tone and dual gain knobs that easily go from an Eric Johnson sustain to that Texas bluesy style of SRV. With the mid set properly and the two gains on high you can even a get a grunge sound out of it. Great amp, well worth the money, though with your interest in metal something else might be for you. With your budget I think Mesa (used) or just the Mesa 5:50 1x12 would work out wonderfully for you
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Mesa F series with an eq pedal and overdrive pedal. You'll be in the right zone for all of those tones.
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for that budget i say fender super sonic.

Might want to put a boost or something to tighten it up and saturate it a bit. I didn't care for using the high gain channel for straight metal.