Schecter Hellraiser Solo-6

I was just snooping around on the schecter website and saw this guitar, and I have a couple questions about it. This pertains to the white one if it makes any difference.

First, how thick is the body compared to other LP copies? I've played a couple of them and I've always found them to be too heavy and thick.

Secondly, it appears as if the fretboard is painted red on the official schecter website, but at the guitar center link I posted above it looks like a dark rosewood, can anbody who owns one tell me what the actual color is?
its a little thinner than an epi lp. and its lighter too.

the fretboard is rosewood.
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I want the Black Cherry colour but not the EMG pickups I'll have to try one of these but nowhere locally sells Schecters.
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