Hey UG, I need help. Here's what happened... I plugged in my pedal board and guitar, as usual, but for some reason, I got no sound. Long story short, I "debug" the signal chain to see if a power connection isn't working, or if there's a dead battery, and basically find that everything has power, the cables are fine, but the signal isn't coming out of the pedals. I can't believe that all my pedals are shorted out, as they all worked perfectly when they were previously used and shut down. When removing each pedal to try it on its own, I find that most of them aren't passing the signal through. The Wah and phaser pass signal, but only until switched on, then nothing. Even the tuner won't pass.

I did open up one of the pedals (DS-1) and checked for broken disconnected wires, etc., and everything seems to be fine. Obviously its too coincidental to have half a dozen pedals crap out at the same time, so I'm hoping that someone can't point me in the right direction. What the heck happened?? And what do I do next?
I had a similar problem, it killed my cables. But my new cables are good, and my DS-1 still gives out signal. It might be when you move a certain way it doesn't give out signal, like mine was, but probably not.

Test ALL of the cables. Make sure they all work.

That's all I know about pedals.
Thanks DisasterMatt. I did try all the cables, they're good. (and good quality).
Check your guitar's output? Maybe it got loose.
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Check your guitar's output? Maybe it got loose.

Yeah. You might have to resolder stuff. Or bring your whole setup into a shop. Cheaper than a soldering kit, hopefully.

Try your guitar plugged straight into your amp if you haven't already.
could it be some are on bypass?
play one pedal through to the amp at a time, with the same cables, and if it doesnt work, its the pedal. when you have a "working" pedal, test every cable too.
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I've tried the guitars straight into the amp, all good. I've completely ruled out guitars and/or amp. Definitely a pedal problem.
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I've tried the guitars straight into the amp, all good. I've completely ruled out guitars and/or amp. Definitely a pedal problem.

Switch up different cables with different pedals. I doubt its your amp.
Are they using batteries or a power supply? Are the levels on the pedals set?
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Tried the pedals both ways, with battery and power cable. They're getting power, led lights up when switched. Tried the levels also. Even the Tuner is down.
This has happened to me a few times now, no idea what causes it, but it shorts out the pedal and fries something inside. This only happens to my Boss pedals, but each time it was one of the resistors, so I replaced it and it worked perfectly.
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Interesting. Do you know which resistor it is? I have three Boss pedals that don't pass signal at all, and a couple of other pedals that don't pass when switched on.