Well I'm looking for a tube amp.. my styles pretty much range from really ambient (reverb packed) music to some really hard rock (sort of getting into metal). I need an amp that can handle all of that without getting really muddy. Pretty much what I'm going to do is try a lot of amps out at Guitar Center Monday (and probably end up buying used to make things cheaper, but if you can recommend an amp from there, please do), so all your help is appreciated. I have pedals so I don't really care about amp distortion or anything. I just need an amp that is really good with pedals.

Eh, what do you guys thing about a modded Blues Jr.? Can they do really hard rock well (with a good pedal of course)?

Thanks for your time.

(sorry if threads like these come up a lot. I just couldn't find anything as specific as I wanted)
Peavey Classic 30. The distortion sounds pretty nice on it if you ever decide to use it too.
peavey classic 30. the distortion is perfect for hard rock and a nice OD pedal can get it into metal territory but it doesnt seem to be voiced right but dont quote me on that
Jackson SL1 !
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digitech hardwire dl8
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try a spider valve as well.
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Classic 30. Takes pedals well (for your ambient needs) and has a great overdrive for most non-metal genres. if you get a boost, it can do Metal easy.


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Currently my favorite $600 amp is the Vox AC15, it's such an amazing amp! Unfortunately it doesn't sound like it works well for your style, unless you wanna throw a overdrive or distortion in front of it. You might try that out.

Also as has been suggested a JCM 900 would work, but you're gonna have to look used for that one. If you find one though, they often are in the $600 range.

Also I'd recommend checking out some Bugeras. As they fit nicely in your budget. Some people will tell you they are unreliable, some haven't had any problems. I've never owned one so I can't say, but it could be worth a shot
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If you plan to gig though, I don't think a Bugera is worth the risk.
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