Okay, I have a question for UG

I am running a mesa boogie triple rec. I have a rack eq running through the effects line loop, and then i plug my guitar into an line of effects. (The order is Boss TU2 Tuner-Digitech Whammy-Line 6 MM4-Ibanez DFL flanger-Line 6 tonecore delay-line 6 tonecore tremelo-Boss NS2 noise suppressor {with the threshold turned to max and the delay turned to min).
I am getting some bad buzz, and I was wondering what would help with getting rid of some or all of the buzz. I know that it's a very broad ended question, but I was wondering if you guys had any advice? Also I was wondering about the effects loop and if I should be running all my pedals through the loop instead of going from my guitar to the effects to the amp and just having only the eq in the loop. Another thing I noticed is that the buzz goes away when I switch to the clean channel on my amp, so could it possibly be something with the electronics of my amp?

Any advice is appreciated
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Maybe its a specific pedal or cable? Go through one by one taking a cable or pedal out, until you single one (or none) making the buzz.
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