Ok, so i wanted to give my Epiphone Les Paul a brighter sound so i took off my pickup covers. I just broke the solders and then i removed all of the wax on them. I relize that removing the wax was a bad idea now, but i thought i was supposed to at the time. After pluging my guitar back in, it sounds like total ****. My Bridge pickup has waaaay less volume than before, and neither pickups have nearly as much gain as they did before i removed the covers. I have been considering buying new pickups anyways, but i don't know if i have the money right now. How can i solve my current predicament? Is it worth fixing the pickups i have, or should i just go ahead and buy new pickups? If i would fix my current pickups, how would i fix them, and how much time and effort would this cost me? PLEASE HELP!!!
I know that is an option, but what i wanted to know was what method would be the most cost effecient. Should i just go ahead and upgrade my pickups, or will it not cost me much to get my current pickups fixed?
Removing the wax off the pickups shouldnt affect output, it is simply to reduce susceptability to feedback. There are several pickups sold without being wax dipped. I would suggest you check all the wiring in your guitar to make sure there are no cold solder joints or other issues.

The only way you might have damaged pickups taking the covers off is if you cut or damaged the pickup windings.

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i may have done that when i removed the wax. At one point, ( i was using a small, dull, flathead screwdriver) i slipped pretty hard and the screwdriver ended up under my middle finger nail on my left hand. It didn't feel all that pleasant, and i might have damaged the windings in the process. Is there any remedy for this?

EDIT: A remedy for the wiring problem, not my fingernail. Just in case there was any confusion.
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I'm afraid the only remedy for damaged windings is to rewind the pickup, which if it is just a stock epiphone pickup isnt really worth it. Those Seymour Duncan pickups are pretty cheap in the states anyway, so this is a good excuse to upgrade.

But just to make sure I would check your pots etc for cold solder joints. If you do upgrade the pickups in your Epiphone it is worth getting replacement pots and caps as the stock Epi stuff isnt too good.

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Yea the knobs just pull off and push on to the new pots. I would recommend CTS 500k pots and 0.22uF Sprague Orange Drop capacitors. The only thing to note when replacing the pots is that they might not fit through the hole on the top of the guitar, so you might need to ream the hole out a tiny bit.

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