Okay so from what I understand an Op Amp can be a Diode, a Transistor or a Tube.

I want to get into buiding my own pedals some just for fun and I`m wondering why do tubes have seven pins what are they all for? As I understand you have Anode, Cathode and Output I`m guessing this is wrong so any1 with some knowledge out there?

And what about these alternative types of tubes, what about rectifier tubes, Triode Tubes.
First of all, an op amp is an op amp. It can contain diodes and transistors, but they are not op amps.

Second, many types of tubes exist. You can have as few as two pins, or many more.

Some possible pins that exist
Supressor Grid
Screen Grid
Heater supply

There can be others out there that can change depending on the type of tube.

Rectifier tubes are for power supplies, they are essentially diodes. Triodes are commonly associated with preamps, but they can be used as power tubes as well.
OK, there are three main types of semiconductors commonly used in pedals and those are op amps, transistors, and diodes. An op amp is something completely different from a transistor or a diode.

Now for your tube question, most tubes have eight or nine pins. Lets take a 12AX7 for example.

As far as I know, a 12AX7 has two separate "circuits," each identical to the other. We have an anode, cathode, grid, and heater for each of the "circuits" and a heater center tap that they share.
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Okay, Thanks for that now guys.
I`m going to do my first Pedal build soon. I think my only remaining question is how will I know what pin is for what on a standard 8 Op amp like this one.


on that same page that you linked to there is a link to the datasheet. that should eliminate any doubt you have towards which pin is what.