Hey guys... here's a little something i wrote a few minutes ago. it is totally freestyle, i didn't go after any kind of form whatsoever nor any rhyming pattern. the only reason the lines are divided as they are is because that's how it sounded in my head.

so it's just a little existential piece. i'm always asking myself lots of questions about the universe, about the big picture of things and about the meaning to everything. It sorta scares me when i start thinking about the world, the reason we're here, and the fact that it is very unlikely that we are alone. I also get a little pissed when i realize that my generation (early twenties) was sort of the test group so parents would learn how to deal with their kids being so in touch with technology as opposed to them. television, internet were things that they werent used to having ner them in their your and they had to figure out how it was shaping us. We're the generation that almost ****ed up. the piece is also a sort of contrast between our little every day concerns and what is really important.

anyways, here goes:

we are the guinea pig generation
when our parents didn't yet know
to not let technology raise their kids

But let's stop arguing
who the **** cares who is right?
why is all this happening?
what is the reason we're all living?

it's all just a coincidence
it could all stop at a pin drop
because some things we can't understand
like the reason we're all living

what is our purpose here?
simply create connections, then die?
who put us here, and why?
is anyone out there wondering if there's anyone out there?

All these existential questions
and then we argue again
should the kids watch tv?
what the **** will it change?
the hobo and the mayor will still end up the same

these things seem so important to us
yet we are so, so small
give everything up, and give it your best try
or you'll just waste it all, like the rest of em

stretch a highway between earth and Pluto
thats three hundred million kilometres
what does that mean?
You'll be spending alot on gas

i ask myself these questions every day
i'm a prisonner of my own mind
why am i doing all of this?
when eventually no one will even remember my name

We are the guinea pig generation
we were raised on our own
and when we found out about reefer
we began asking questions...
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