I need help. I have put a dent in my stratocaster, and I want to fix it. This might sound stupid but i dont know hardly anything about fixing these types of problems on my guitar. Is there a way to touch it up, to look like the original paint.
Can we get some pictures?
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matching the original paint perfectly might be a tough job, so depending on the size and severity of the dent, you're probably just better off leaving it

*obligatory "just leave it, dents and scratches add character" comment*
It's not that big of a dent, but it's right where my picking arm sits on the guitar. The undercoat of the guitar is showing, but not the actual wood
Honestly, you're never going to have a guitar last a long time without it being knocked about, it's better and easier to just leave it. I'd rather have a guitar that looks as if it's been out and about for a few years, rather than one looking factory fresh.

If you're commited to fixing it. From the sounds of it, you'll have to sand down that area, re-spray it, spray a couple of coats of clear until you have it 'thicker' than the rest of the guitar, and then sand down the clear with some high-grit stuff until it's level with the rest of the body.

Might also wanna tape off the 'untouched' bits of the body when spraying.
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Ahhhh the traumatic first scratch, right? It's ot very cost effective to go through what RJackson said, but if you're bent on it, it could work.
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I just use moddeling paint for small dings that bother me.

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