I have been playing for five years guitar and i always love bass. Im a pretty intermidaite electric gutiar that plays funk (i love bass lead music). And a somewhat of and a advanced palyer in acuoustic nylon guitar that likes percussion and tapping thecnices and classical. Have yo ever been in this position. I play i a band that plays rock with latin and other stuff. Bass also is a good option because is cheaper i only need a good bass and Voila. Amps and such are usually provided in my country and i wont be in the direct need of using effects. You need your effects when you are a modern guitarrist who plays averethinf excepf for metal. What do you think or recomend me to do

ME playing http://www.youtube.com/user/juanpi56 Not the best interpretation.

And part of a song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUd4piAUpWg&feature=channel_page

And my band http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfkY2DR3kM4 I am the short guitarist.
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If you want to try bass then by all means do! You don't -need- effects for the bass, so get a bass (Check the FAQ section), an amp, and try. Just make sure that just because you've been playing the guitar for a good while doesn't make you automatically good at the bass. It's an entirely new instrument altogether. Your experience would make you learn faster, however, so put that to good use. Anyway, good luck and have fun.
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I think that saying you don't need effects for bass is like saying you don't need effects for guitar. True, but it's much more fun with them . Good luck learning dude, your 5 years of guitar should let you learn quicker, but you're still starting from nothing. Read the Bass Forum FAQ first, that should help a lot.

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