i like the synthy intro. good beats and i love the bass! i though the effects were a bit much on the guitar but the bass was awesome. i thought the vocals could have been less effecty and they could have been equed with more treble. i really dig the track, i just think a bit of a remix on the vocals is in order.

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Yeah i like yours, i'm listening to Sleep Mix, i'd say turn up the vocals but you probably already know that. I few like if when a chorus came up you just held a high note out with say power chords would sound really cool, maybe its just the style of music but i think that would great feeling. Also maybe bring up the treble on the snare and bass on the kick drum so they stand out a little more but its a cool song. As with Nothing personal ya thanks i started the song with that bass and everything came after. If you would like to hear similar songs from the singer goto www.myspace.com/48hoursstrong hes got some good songs maybe crit his too.