People talk about modes in scales for soloing, but i dont see why it's so important. No matter what the mode is it's still the same notes. Can someone explain modes to me please?
its a simpler way to categorize scales and their use.

its easier to remember e locrian over E
than F major over E .
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it gives different sounds/feels to your music...

modes are essentially different scales...

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That's just it, they aren't that important, and nobody else in this thread seems to actually understand them.

Modes are nothing to do with where you start and they're certainly nothing to do with "categorising scales". Modes are all about harmony, you can't just "decide" to use them, the whole piece has to be composed with modes in mind. If you use the notes of a major scale in a context wherethe tonal centre is shifted away from the more harmonically stable relative major or minor...THAT'S when modes start to come into play. However there's absolutely no point worrying about them until you already have a good grasp of the major scale and diatonic harmony.
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have you ever heard that really catchy solo in dunkin hills coffee jingle by dethklok lmao.. thats using modes it helps make things sound good and such.. the people above explain it better though