I'm having a lot of trouble learning sweep picking, and I would like to learn it to help me with solos.. the problem is my fingers just don't want to move fast enough. So is there any recommended exercises I can do?

P.S. I have only been playing for a little more then three months, so is it even worth it to start learning sweep picking at my stage?
don't start sweeping now. But you're probably going to anyway, so seeing as your fingers don't want to move fast enough, just practice sweeps slowly and eventually build up speed. But really, don't try sweeping at three months. Your hands aren't in sync enough yet to start it.
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learn the basics so you can construct an arp first
THEN, once you have mastered that stuff

then you'll need to increase your dexterity and familiarize yourself with the notes and proper positions


your fretting hand and picking hand will have to be in sync with each other... this is done though hours and hours of rigorous practice

if i were you, I'd wait at least a year

you'll eventually pick up these skills as you go along
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Well.. i started sweeping 2 months after i started playing.. but that's just me

If your fingers are moving slowly you must obviously slow down.. maybe you should wait a little bit..

Legato is very important when sweeping, you might wanna practice some hammer-ons, pull offs or tapping before start sweeping..
Don't bother with sweeping at all, it's pointless at this stage....it's an advanced technique and you need to have a good grasp of the basics before even contemplating attempting it. You need to have accurate, controlled, economical picking and be able to keep both hands in sync consistently. You also need to have some decent theory knowledge as sweeping is all about burning through arpeggios at high speed, if you don't know what they are or how to construct them then it's a nigh-on useless technique.

Bottom line, learn to play the guitar before you worry about learning to showboat.
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meh i probably wouldn't try sweeping atm its a little bit more advanced. One factor that always screws me up is the action of the strings. Mines a bit high at the higher frets because its not set up to well and it prevents me from playing as fast as possible
If you want to sweep at three months use a simple three string pattern like :

something easy like that. play it slowly with a metronome and build your speed. But really at three months theres alot more useful things to learn.
Playing guitar is like any other training,you don't start too fast or you'll get either no results or bad ones.

Start by getting getting a good posture and holding the pick at the same reasonable strength no matter the tempo,then to get a good control over the individual notes you play,I suggest basic solos/slowed down with alternate picking,then you'll develop better muting and syncro.
Don't attempt it yet, as steven seagull said. You'll only develop a bad sweeping technique and it'll take a very long time to fix it if you learn how to do it wrong. Wait until you're more experienced.
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yea learn how to sweep and then go directly to guitar center and join all the other tools. tight pants help you sweep better
Don't try to learn ANY technique (sweeping included) until you understand the theory of playing it. Sweeps are used almost entirely to play arpeggios. Learn the construction of arpeggios first and then practice playing them with sweeping.
I've been playing a little more over 1,5 years and I'm not even attempting sweeping.
I play about 3 hours a day, every day, but I want to learn it sometime.
I just feel I have to perfect other techniques and know my music theory than I do now, before I start sweeping. I could probably learn it within a month or so, at the stage I am now, I just don't want to, yet.
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