I'd like to learn some nice, more cleaner music. I've been peticularly loving the smooth, warm overdriven sound that most blues jazz peices have. Currently, my pinky is unusable, it was slammed in a car door, and has swollen up and hurt to use(I can manage to use it once or twice, but nothing crazy) I'm not the best player ever, I've been playing for about a year now. And due to the fact that its quiet and portable, I'm working on getting the bluesy lightly overdriven tone from the 15 w Viper. Any suggestions as to channels/effects? Right now I'm using the TWN trough a tubescreamer with my Hondo.

Edit: Prefeably songs, not bands.
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I'd recommend trying some Buddy Guy, BB King and Joe Bonamassa for blues, Les Paul(If you can muster it), Chet Atkins or Steve Cropper and Al Di Meola or Django Reinhardt for Jazz, and if you want an electric British mix, throw Jeff Beck in somewhere.

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Look at some Fleetwood Mac; If You Be My Baby, Stop Messing Around, Need Your Love So Bad and yeah.

Disclaimer: The early Fleetwood, not the one with Stevie Nicks and all that
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