Hey, my band's name is Six Years Ago, and if you wanna take a look at our myspace and listen to the music that'd be fine by us. Add us if you like it!


The reason I made this thread though is more because I'd like some critique. I'm not that great of a singer, so when recording the vocals for our song Werewolf Fetish, I don't think I did too great of a job. However, I'm very good at fixing things if people point out the problems. I'm glad I can do that, and thus decided to make the thread where people will critique me, unlike our friends who'll say they like it because they're friends with us.

We're horror punk and recording our first EP later this month. Thanks for helping us out and for any criticism you may give us, we greatly appreciate it!
Cool stuff. ^_^ The Elizabeth cover is amazing. I love Aiden.

Werewolf Fetish is done nicely as well. You're a good singer, you just have to keep working on it.
Some of the instruments timing seem to be a tad off, but I'm usually off on that too, so it's a minor criticism. You've got many vocal styles, which is good, but you seem flat at some parts in the music. Overall, your voice isn't half as bad as you give it credit for. The drums could be a bit louder, if you ask me, as well as the guitar.

Overall, it's definitely pretty good.
very unique stuff, i think you guys are our friends on myspace. definitely original, not really my typical music scene but i find it interesting to say the least ha.

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Thanks guys, just letting you know I'm gonna put up a few acoustic vids soon, my voice has gotten a lot better since that first demo, and I want to experiment. I'm starting to get the confident singing, so hopefully that helps.
Never got around to those vids but we have two new songs up so I'm gonna shamelessly bump this page with that tidbit.

One's about zombies and the other about a ghost with a case of two left feet.
F*ckin great! Vocals fit the music fine, don't worry. You could do with some better timing now and then, but hey... that's punk isn't it?
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Thanks a lot! I'm actually getting some pretty good feedback. there'll be new songs up soon, I'll do another bump. :P but thanks a lot!
It's good but I have one minor criticism ,I wouldn't agree that it's 100% original... not many bands have done it, but it's basically just what The Misfits did before all the members left
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good music. werewolf fetish was awesome. really liked the kind of dissonant sounding solo in it.
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