Hey, I got a myspace set up for my band a while ago, and i figured id post a link to it here! I am really interested to hear what people have to say about the first 4 tracks (Burn!, Nothing Personal, Spy, and Peace and Revolution). Give em a listen if you can and lemme know what you think! Id be glad to return the favor for any form of song/lyrics you have!


Click Here!

Or Here!
In addition if you happen to live in the down town chicago area, and are interested in joining the band, or even just screwing around with music, drop me a line and let me know!
Lol, your the whole band? :p funny ^_^! Sounds okay.
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Hey Ive listened to your music....pretty good ****. How did you get the sound in 'Nothing Personal'? I like how it feels techno but rock at the same time.
Thoroughly enjoyed your music. Well put together, flows well. C4C? Crit one of my songs? ty.
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Hah yeah, i am the whole band... sadly... lol.

Thanks glad you like it! The sound on the lead guitar is a 2 channel mix I think the right ear is a warmer tone with tremolo, and the left ear is a slightly sharper tone with phaser, both with chorus. The "bass" is just my guitar with a lot of fuzz, a phaser and a pitch peddle!

Many thanks PCA, gladly!
wow i just listened to like 3 songs then realized you were the whole band hahha. i really like it bro!
As others have said i like how you did the 'band members' section, very good . I too am a solo artist!

Your whole project is very good fun, and i enjoyed listening to it.

as for criticsm, your mixing is very clean, but it sounds like a really dry pop mix. you need more 'warmth', i know my mixing is actually terrible so you probably should listen to me, but thats what i think anyway.

The song writing was generally pretty good, you have some cool nine inch nails moments. But sometimes its a little generic, like, i'd expect to hear it on the radio. The chorus in 'nothing personal' springs to mind as an example of this. It almost made me want to turn it off, but then you have the really cool main riff come in afterwards and i wanna listen again, its a big juxtaposition.

Overall, i can tell you really enjoy making music and i'm sure if you ever put on any shows they would be really good fun. I thought some of the hooks were very catchy and i'll be re-visiting your page this afternoon for another listen!

in some ways this stuff is kinda similar to mine so do please give me a listen and crit me back if you can.

Keep it up

Hah thanks, i figured id try to do something a bit jokingly with that section! Glad you enjoyed it, yeah, I hate having to mix things and its one of the things I do have trouble with, I'm hoping to get the songs professionally mixed. Yah, nothing personal was sort of designed to appeal to more fans of pop as an attempt to bridge the gaps between the more poppy genre and more odd things. glad you will be! Il deff listen/crit asap, most likely later tonight because I am replying from my phone!

Thanks again!

I love Nothing Personal. Has a sweet Muse feel to it. I could listen to it for days. Good work champ
Glad you liked em, will do!

Yah nothing personal is a great song, very dance-y! Muse was defiantly a huge influence to this song along with a few of the others. Glad to hear you like it!