i've come to realize my songs are alot more like Stephen Lynch. not sure if that's bad or good, but i kinda like this one.


i see her in the bar
give the usual line
go back to her place
i'm gonna have a good time

yeah, i'm in her bed
she gets up for a bit
now she's wearin tight leather
and is holdin a whip

oh crap...
she's into dominating and SnM
why am i with this girl again?
i can't move, but i gotta think fast
before she shoves that giant thing up my ass

well this explains
the furry cuffs
and her rather disturbing
big hairy muff

but now i've gotta deal
with this crazy bitch
oh god, i think i've got an itch
it'd really help
if she could scratch
but i think she's comin at me
with that axe

and it's all because...
she's into dominating and SnM
dammit i went for the girl
with purple hair again
but some things
i just can't pass
even as i feel it crawling up my ass

now she's shouting german
and calling me her slut
it'll be just seconds
before she's kickin in the gut

she has crazy machines
but strap-ons and knives too
something made out of springs
please god, what am i gonna do?

she's into dominating and SnM
i've the terrible feeling
i'll never have sex again
for me to say something, she won't allow
now i feel it
scratchin my bowels

i scream in the morning
she's changed my life
but i'm more afraid
of what i'll hear from my wife
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