Hey UG!

I'm a pretty new guitars - 2 years or so, and I was wondering if anyone knew any good fusion guitar players. Any difficulty, but please on people that have tabbed out songs on UG, I want to be able to pick up some new licks and use them in my playing!

I've always been inspired by people like Guthrie Govan and Jack Thammarat, and anyone in that type of musical 'style' is really appreciated.

Basically - Want some tabs to some good fusion jazz songs.


Tosin Abasi. He is the single member of a band called Animals as Leaders. He created all of the recordings and I believe is now looking for live members.

EDIT: Actually I don't believe there are any tabs here on UG, but if you look elsewhere there may be.

EDIT (again): Animals as Leaders is actually his solo project, forgot that he's also guitarist for the band Born of Osiris, but I don't think they're any kinda fusion.
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