could any of you guys head over their and check out the band with the title "Acoustic Synth Pop" cause i doubt any of the metalheads will...

and btw it would be incredibly sweet to have a sticky to promote bands in this forum.


No double posting. You've already got a thread in that forum, no need for another in this one just to try and get people to look at that one.

Besides, there's a fair number of non-metal bands and users in that forum, so quit your whining.
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haha sorry if i offended anyone...you guys can report/delete this thread if you want.
I really think this would actually be a good idea. when I go to promote your band, I am looking for bands that sound like the ones discussed here so why not just have those posted in a thread in this forum?
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Ask the astronaut if he'll allow it i guess? I dont see why he wouldn't if the hardcore forum has one.
Alright, since this hasn't been closed/reported might as well get it going:

Name: Static on the Airwaves
Genre: Alternative/PopPunk/Happy Hardcore
URL: www.myspace.com/staticontheairwavesbx

I suggest the songs Two Years Gone and Sadie Thompson as they are the most pop punk. Tell me what you think
haha i like this guy!

@One on Sunday
You guys are tight! you can especially hear the rise against and a day to remember influences. This is just preference but IMHO i think the recordings could use a little more bass. Overall though while it's probably not something i'd listen to at this point in time i still enjoyed the listen.

added y'all btw
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