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Vox VT30
9 50%
Peavey Vypyr 30
5 28%
Roland Cube 30x
4 22%
Voters: 18.
I am planning on getting a new amp soon, and i have narrowed my choices down to teh Roland Cube 30, Vox vt30, or the Peavey Vypyr 30 (but please suggest others, i don.t know that much about amps)

I play mostly classic and hard rock, but I'm starting to like metal a lot more, and that is what i'm focusing on. I wanted to know which of these three has better cleans, better distortion for hard rock (Guns n' Roses), and better distortion for metal (Metallica-ish.)

I read through as many threads as possible before joining here, and it seems that these are the two most commonly recommended amps for these styles in that price range (which is under $300.) Also, people were torn between these three and lots of replies contradicted each other, so i wanted to ask myself and see if I could get a straight answer.

Recommend other ones too!


(p.s. sorry that was so long)
Go with the Vox. I've heard mixed reviews about the Peavey, but none with the Vox. I've played VTs before at GC and they always impress me.
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The Vyper is geared more towards hi-gain, the Vox more towards low gain, and the Cube nicely in-between (atleast from my trying out of these amps (never owned any)).

So I vote for the Cube?
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Blackstat ht-5. Great for metal, all tube, affordable and compact.

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I'm in the same situation as you, though I already ruled out the vox, because I play heavier styles as well.
I don't think active pups matter that much on a solid-state/modelling amp, they're mainly for outputting a larger current and driving tubes harder(correct me if I'm wrong).
Well it really depends on what you want to play, or how versatile you want your amp to be.
The peavey in the most versatile, with stompbox effects, more amp models and effects,
But I've read that the internal computer sometimes freezes, doesn't really start up well in the cold, and just unreliable.
The Roland on the other hand, is much sturdier, people say, theirs haven't broke down in ages.
I don't really have an opinion on the vox, sorry

So to sum up, your best bet is to try them out, and see which tone you like better.
(And don't forget to tell me your opinion too, to help me decide )
if youre looking to spend more of your time playing on the rock side of things then definitely the vox. never played the vypyr, the cubes a pretty nice amp too tough.