I've had a little use with using a guitar equipped with a bigsby.

It's the first time I ever used a bigsby vibrato system, and I might be a little dull on my musical terms, but isn't vibrato a pretty rapid shift in a note by semitones?

With the bigsby... I was messing with it, hitting it fast and slow (That's what she said), but I felt like I wasn't using it right.

I ended up messing with it as if it was a vintage tremolo.

So I'm considering the Gretsch Pro Jet, and since that means I might buy it, I would rather get a few pointers on how to use the bigsby correctly. Other than going and breaking it in the first week of use...

Any help is appreciated.
vibrato is changing the pitch of the note being played...but not rapidly. bigsbys arent as intense as a vintage trem. its meant to be used very subtly and not crazy fast (thats not to say u cant, u can use it however the hell u want.)
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A Bigsby is generally used for more of a "warble" style effect. Basically, you don't use it as aggressively as a vintage or locking trem. You CAN of course, but it certainly wasn’t designed with such an action in mind. However, this isn’t to say that you need to be easy on it, as guitarist like Neil Young make very extensive use of it during playing.
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I would like to meet the person who can break a Bigsby. Just wail on it however you please.
What xeron said is right, thats the 'proper' way to use one, they are really awesome units but their use has become abit muffled bcos of FRs and that there arent many guitars with them equipped these days.

Its just something to be used to give a very slight vibrato
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