Ok, so i bought a crate 120 w amp, took it to a friends house, cranked it up and the feedback was more than i could handle, the amp practically went nuts, so i backed as far as could away, and i was fine, al long as i did not point my guitar at the amp, but the drum set overpowered it and i could not hear my guitar that well. If i could stand in front of my rig without the amp going nuts it would sound great, but behind it it just sucks, how do i kill this feedback? i also play with a hardwire metal distortion pedal. Any tips?
Sounds like your guitar needs better shielding. Does it happen with a specific pickup? That used to happen to me with my old Ibanez GRG170DX on the middle pickup (single coil). Didn't have a problem with it on the humbuckers.
either always hold ur strings or get a noise pedal.
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it does not matter if i am playing anything, i can mute the strings with my hand but the second i point my guitar at it it freaks out
does it have active pick-ups? sometimes active pickup's freak out when near electronic devices, such as your amp. try standing away from your amp, and point the guitar at a running fan or an outlet, and if it makes feedback or other nasty noises, then you know it's your pick-ups. Shielding would probably help.
no, it is not that, if i stand in front of my amp it goes nuts, i know that electronics have an effect, witch is why i take all of them out my my pockets, but this relates to the amp., it is just fine at low volumes, but when i turn it up i cant get my guitar near it passive, but high output pickups
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