I need some new music to listen to... I'm not interested in classic rock so please don't bother lol
sorry I'm listing a lot of bands but I just wanted to make sure you get the right idea of my taste

I listen to stuff along the lines of

fall of troy
death cab for cutie
devil wears prada (new album only)
rise against
rage against the machine
taking back sunday
brand new
queens of the stone age
yeah yeah yeahs
dashboard confessional
Foxy Shazam
Jimmy Eat World
Sky eats airplane
mars volta
panic! (first album)
portugal. the man
reel big fish
operation ivy
less than jake
the sleeping
straylight run
the strokes
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Thrice, old He Is Legend, The Cover Up, Lower Definition, and i dont see why u wouldnt like Underoath

oh yeah and try Tides of Man
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uhmm you like death cab for cutie... try Menomena, oh and for what concernes strokes, try the Wombats, Arctic Monkeys and Mystery Jet
you may like Battles and Holy **** too if you like Mars Volta, they're more Math rock but they're very enjoyable