Ive got £310 equivalent to roughly $499 to buy a new Ibanez guitar inc. Shipping.
I definitely want an Ibanez

Ive been looking at Ibanez RG370DXGP2, I mean it looks amazing, and the specs look alright, what are your thoughts, positive ones please.

Because i really do want a good looking Ibanez with half-decent specs for the price range that is within my budget. Preferably with whammy bar too.

Obviously this guitar will be used for Metal/Hard Rock, shredding etc so sound is important.

Look forward to replies,
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I have a RG370DXGP3 and they're fine... the edge III leaves a lot to be desired and the neck is ok, don't expect it to be like a wizard, the wizard II is definitely thicker. Uhmm the pickups leave a little to be desired but yeah...

IF you can, I'd much rather go used and find an rg from 02 on down, MiJ preferably. just my thoughts
It seems you want a guitar more for the looks rather then its sound. You didn't mention anything about the sound.

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@Zamorak: Thanks for that input, i like the honesty. Whats special about the MiJ?

@ IdntNedUrCvlWar: >< Yes i want a guitar with good sound too, along with looks.
Could probably find a RG550 for that much.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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Could probably find a RG550 for that much.

Big +1 on this the quality of this guitar is beyond average and supposedly the same as the Ibanez Prestige guitars. Also other worthy used Ibby's to look for are the RG560/565/570/770.
Definitely, I play a 99 rg470 with a 550 neck, and its like a dream!

Oh and in terms of ibanez guitars

MAde in japan > made in korea > made in indonesia...

better worksmanship etc....
Thanks very much for all of your input so far,
But you've so far to selll me to buy a different guitar than the one ive been looking at,
I mean all you've said is to buy one you mentioned, but without telling me why.
Anyone care to offer explanations too?
Because the guitars they are suggesting are overall higher end better quality guitars... Not much more to it than that...
firstly:-never buy a guitar based off looks, always buy based on tone, feel, features then looks.

goto a shop and play one, never buy online

yes it`s a good guitar does exactly what it says it will do and you won`t be disappointed
also have a look at the s-series if you decide against the edge3 trem after all the haters jump in. there`s nothing wrong with the edge3 btw for the price.
RG550 has a better trem, better neck, better electronics and better build quality.

it's the equivalent of a prestige guitar yet it'll only cost you the same as a 370.

put it this way. It's THE ibanez RG. It's probably the main reason why the RG series is so popular.

a quick run down of the specs

RG shaped basswood body (better quality basswood than what you'll get on a 370)
HSH setup with a pickguard (the pickups are better quality but chances are if ou buy one used, they'll have been replaced already)
Wizard neck - a bit thinner than the wizard 2. it's only 2 mm but it mkes a difference and it feels much better to me.
Edge/lo-pro trem - depending on the year you'll either get the original edge trem or the lo profile edge trem. both are good. the original edge has a bit more range, but they're both solid and should both keep tune well.

depending on they year, you'll get a different neck joint. one is the AANJ that the modern ibanez's have. the other is a square heel type one. similar to fender's but a lot thinner.

neither one really restricts upper fret access, but AANJ is a bit better in that respect.

I can't really see any reason why you'd take a new 370 over a decent used 550. There's just no logical reason to do so.
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for the squareheel: the older ones are tilted so its easier than you think.

Like stated above: 550/570 are the same except the 550 is has a front route with a pickguard and the 570 has a rear route and no pickguard.

Only problem with the edge III is that it wears out faster than other trems. The 550's come with orginal and mine is over 20 years old and still works better than my OFR mounted guitars.

I mentioned the 570 because I know alot of people do not like the look of a pickguard. I have a 550 but would trade it in for a 570 if it came in DY :P
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