Well i bought a evh 5150 III recently and theres not enough i can say about how much i digg the tone but for reasons i can't explain while i'm playing the volume just stops and nothing is coming out of the cab. So i expect the amp and i can't even change channels, I would press channel 3 and i don't even feel a click from the relay switch i was just stuck at channel 2 with no sound, even when i crank the volume i could'nt even hear a hiss. At this point i just got frustrated and turned it off to go yell at fender's customer service rep.hour later i go back to check out the problem again and the amp seems fine. I turn it on and everythings back to normal:i can switch channels and most importantly i can actually hear my head. So far this happened to me twice where its broken and an hour later its fine....

the gear i use is evh5150III to marshall 1960TV
maybe the cab and head don't match in terms of the ohms. Double check that they do if you haven't already done so
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