is there a guitar that has a SG styled neck, but doesn't have neck dive?

i sold my epi les paul to get a epi SG, mainly for the nice thin neck, but i miss the weight of the LP. ideally i'd just want a les paul with a SG neck, but i don't know if they make those or what. please help out
If you're referring to Gibson's 60's profile, a lot of their guitars have it, look around their website. The Les Paul Traditional Pro that I'm GASing for has it.
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just about any LP should be safe for that. neck dive was always an issue when i had my SG too, i hated it. you could try dimarzio cliplock straps. i've heard they help things like neck dive.

but yeah, what you most likely want is the 60's profile neck. i love mine!
you could drill an additional strap thingy.
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