Everything is made with guitar From the percussion to the "synth" Scratch my back and I'll scratch your
some effects on your softer guitar sounds.
you don't look that old how long you been playing for?
your using reaper as well? it's a good free program found out about it this year along with a load of other stuff. you write the drums in GP5? open up the midi editor on reaper on your drum track and humanize the notes i started to do that and it makes a big difference.

this is one of my latest songs no loops all hand written in GP5 apart from guitars and the piano.
cheers, keep up the good work.
Its definitely a very unique sound, but i like it. It reminded me a bit of the FX that "The Edge" from U2 uses. I would be very interested in hearing how this could play in to a song if there were other means of odd percussion involved (pots and pans ect)
its pretty cool man, I like the nice effects, pretty soothing. I especially like that awkward sliding guitar for some reason...pretty good overall...although I didn't feel it developed too much into something, but I guess that is just my compositional opinion