Sing me a song,
A song to keep.
A song to reminisce about,
A song to weep.

Sing me a song,
A lullaby,
A memento to remember
As time goes by.

I've spent nights staring at the sky,
Trying to figure out how to make you mine.

A song
A song's what we all need,
No need to think about score and notes,
Just rock your head to your heart beat.

A song,
I'll make one just for you,
You're where my heart belongs,
So listen up, to my song.

Sing me a song,
Any song will do,
Sad-love songs, rap, blue,
I just wanna listen to you.

So let's sing,
Tra la la la la la
Cause we've got nothing to lose,
Tra la la la la la

I've spent hours staring at the paper,
I think I'll just hum a tune and think about what to write later~


You know there's a time
When you feel alone,
Just turn on your stereo
Maybe you'll hear my song.


NOTE FROM ASRA: Hey I've got a question! Don't your lyric writers feel insecure and paranoid about posting your lyrics up here?(0..o) Cause that's exactly what I'm feeling! LOL
If anyone asks you what you're doing, just reply, "I'm having fun."