Got myself a new guitar of the flea market. It still needs some working and adjusting. It was sold for 30Euros. It is a Luxor Acoustic guitar. Made in West Germany when Germany was split in to two during the Cold War.

Heres my full gear now.
lol, I recently bought the same looking guitar, but mine is a Framus not a Luxor.
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The size of the headstock makes it look like a freakin' boat paddle. How is it to tune? I ask because nowadays mfr's have gone the route of narrowing down the width of the headstock for smoother and more accurate tuning. The strings come off the nut and make a straighter line to the tuning machines, while on the Luxor they are at such a drastic angle that they had to put a full string tree on it otherwise the strings would rub against one another and the tuners.
It's a pretty guitar, just don't care for the headstock myself. Any idea on it's value?
Unfortunately itt had some cracks. So the neck was removed and a little of fixing was done. Heres is a couple of photos. I will post a photo when it will be reassembled. : )

Also check out my Les Paul Jr Look-A-Like guitar. I have updated with good quality pics. : )
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