First off... boss ge-7. Does anyone know any mods that I should look into?

next the line 6 fm4.. yes it was painted black and it looks completely knackered but.. its what's on the inside that counts...

And my favourite pedal I got this week.. the boss eh-2... I didnt really know what this thing did when I bought it but it REALLY clears up my fuzz tone, it sounds like a blanket has been taken off of the amp.. I really recommend them.

And my entire board.. just for funsies.

that boss EHancer looks interesting HNPW!!
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Nice pedalboard...and you restarted my FM-4 GAS, knob.

Happy NPD.

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What exactly does the enhancer do? Is it some sort of boost?

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Ah, I picked up a GE-7 for cheap a month or so back, looking forward to getting it through my Orange. But yeah, I'm interested in some mods for it too.
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HPD, i'm interested in this boss pedal.. please tell us more
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To be honest, I have no clue what all it does, ive plugged it in for about 5 minutes total, I like what ive seen though.. just google it and read up about it.
Sounds very interesting..
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yes, i know, i'm working of getting some more dirt. Im waiting for some good deals to pop up on gumtree which is where I buy most of my pedals now. Id really like to find a tim overdrive or a luner module skreddy or something similar.

the fm4 is pretty crazy, I've been using the auto wah settings quite a bit which are pretty nice. Also the synth settings will add a cool texture to big fuzz driven solo's... the pedal really has SO many possible sounds.. i still havent explored it to its full potential. Idk if i would recommend one... I found it cheap and it is cool but might not worth the full amount they are asking for it.
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What exactly does the enhancer do? Is it some sort of boost?

makes your pen0r bigger, duh.

the pedal board looks pretty good! that sucks about the paintjob though, but im sure it allowed you to get a bargain
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The Enhancer is probably like a BBE Sonic Maximizer, which phase aligns your low end (I think that's how it works). Just taking a guess here because I can't see the knobs, but that's probably what it is.
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I've heard of it. it sounds like nothing more than a BBE sonic Maximizer
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TS are you in the UK? cause i swear i saw that FM-4 on the bay/gumtree. looked like it was going cheap aswell..
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yes mate, the fm4 was £70 off london gumtree

the ge-7 was only £20 and the eh-2 was £30... not bad id say..