Hey. So. I was doing some research. Im gunna be adding some stuff to one of my icemen hahah. New pickups and a paintjob of my design. And i was watching a SOAD live video. And noticed Darons bridge. Instead of a stopbar or whatever. It was this chrome, kinda spikey lookin thing. So i was doing some research. And i guess his dad designed it. And its called a Horned bridge. Basically, its what paul stanley had on his iceman. But its bigger, and the strings are attached into it. No stop bar or nothing. Like his dmm1, but its a different shape. Anyway. I was woundering if theres anywhere a guy could buy one, cause i think it would looks pretty cool on my guitar once everything is done. Thanks


There is a decentish pic. Where you can somewhat see it :P.

Thanks guys
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First link is fine, but the other two don't work. Just so's you know...

That sounds like a pretty cool idea if you can pull it off! I've never seen anywhere selling stull like that, so your best bet I think would be to try and make one.
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It looks cool but it's probably a custom shop job - maybe try contacting Ibanez's custom shop and see if they can make you one? You'll probably have to pay out the arse though.
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Any metal-processing bussines could cut that out of some kind of plate steel. Maybe try one of your local colleges where they work with metal, they might make it for free, or charge only te materials.
its a string thru guitar, and he put some kind of ornament...i think
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its a string thru guitar, and he put some kind of ornament...i think

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AC/DC4EVA is right. It's just a string through guitar with an ornamental plate attached. Heck, you could even make one in Shop class!
Oh ****, i never thought of that. Hah. Thanks guys . Yeah. Ill make one in shop. Now. Hmm. If this is stupid, sorry. But say i buy an old ic200 or 300 or whatever i buy. Could i make it into a string through you guys think? Or what? Thanks