What you think about this? There are luthiers in my city and some people bought guitars from them and they seem quite good quality and not so expensive too...If they have good quality is it a better idea to make your own custom guitar?
don't know if it's better or not but i'm sure it'll be a special guitar, choose the like you like the most and realize that nobody's gonna have your same guitar
Well making your own guitar on the first time will never be easy and the tools you'll need will be more added costs but it's fun (if you like that kind of thing) and you can do everything to your own needs but you'll be bound to make lots of mistakes. Going with a luthier is good if you don't plan on making a guitar or dislike those kinds of thing.
if you were to order a custom builds what would your specs be.....there might already be a guitar outthere

with the specs you need to think about tonewoods, bridge type, tuners,nut type(material), etc

if you do goto a luthier keep in regular contact with him and talk over exactly what you want and get pics and regular updates on the builds progress.

average time scale for a custom build is 3-6 months.

alternatively do a luthiers course, you build your guitar under the guidance of a luthier.
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