Wondering if anyone has any expirience with any of the instructional DVD's out there???/Any ones's better than others?????

Bob J
Try Google....I have found tons of free lessons on the net. I take lessons but i sometimes look on line too just to refresh myself.
some of them are really bad
=S they just make the guy at the start play some stuff that sounds nice
How about the various companys that sell them. Any one better than another???

Bob J
Try your public library. I downloaded "So Easy Acoustic Guitar Lessons" from my state library's e-books when I started out. It is produced by "The Rock House Method". I liked it enough to buy it. Try your library first, You've already paid for it!

Good luck!
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I also like FREE this site alot. Very good beginner's course, check the sidebar menu. Also has other courses through masters.



That's a great site! Thanks for posting that.
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martin simpson does a good introduction to open tunings but othewise i often find dvds a bore what with all the pausing and rewinding
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There is a website that i heard is good.


I have no idea how much or if it is good? But i know i found it for free. PM me for details.

I believe its the best BY FAR.

I owe him big time.
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